Balance Bike (बॅलन्स बाईक) by HooperDooper


पेडल विरहित बॅलन्स बाईक म्हणजे मुलांना तोल सांभाळण्याचं कौशल्य शिकवता शिकवता धम्माल मजा आणणारं खेळणं. “Pedal-free bicycle” is called a balance bike

1. Learn Balance First, Pedal Last !

2. A two-wheel that teaches balance to kids without falls and bruises, is called a balance bike.

3. An ultra-lightweight kid’s first BIKE

4. Meant for kids 18 months 60 months  or (1.5 – 5 years)

- What is balance Bike?

Pedal-less two-wheel bike that is low enough to the ground so kids can put their feet down, and not only have fun but easily teach kids how to balance, steer and control without fear of falling. Balance, a main component of cycling, acquired much easier and faster without falls and bruises.

Balance bikes are fun, a great way to grasp balancing on two wheels before the transition to a 'proper' bike, and can actually work out more economical than buying a trike and then a small bike with stabilisers.

Know RIDER Size

Every kid is unique and they are growing fast and at a different rate. Our BIKE too grow with the little one. To get the best results just confirm rider size.

24 - 36 inch [A]
Height of kid

13 - 16 inch [B]
Inseam of kid

30 KG
Maximum rider weight

18 - 36 months
The recommended age to start

Additional information

Frame [A]

Mild steel frame


Single Speed

Tire [D]

12 inch solid puncture-proof EVA tire


Red, Yellow

Shipping weight

3.5 kg

Rims [E]


Handlebars [B]

Steel handlebars

Seat Height from ground

13-16 inches from the ground

Handle height from ground

16-20 inches from the ground


2.5 kg


85% pre-assembled condition


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