In My Heart


Mia knows that she came out of Mumma’s heart and Papa’s heart. That’s why she’s so much like them. But when Mia learns that she has a tummy mummy too, she can’t wait to find her! Does anyone know where her tummy mummy is? Mia’s search will take her to many places, only to lead her some place even bigger . . .

A very special story to be read with loved ones, In My Heart takes us on a child’s journey of discovering who she really is and where she comes from. Warmly illustrated and deeply felt, this is a fearless and tender celebration of the magical ways in which different kinds of families are born.

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Nandna Dev sen writes stories that focus on children.

The story is about the child who found out where she was from. The story and illustrations together keep us connected to the magical bond of the family while the child is adopted. No matter if the child is biological or adopted, true love, binds them all together.

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Nandana Dev Sen

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