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UnBox is a learning facilitator for kids between age 3-11. Each UnBox contains 40 कलाकसरत for each age group. Using art as a medium, each कलाकसरत is aimed at retaining the fundamental learning abilities of the child. We believe that every child is born with learning abilities and we just need to nurture them by way of open ended experiences. Open endedness exposes kids to unknown experiences each every time they attempt कलाकसरत and they develop a habit of critical thinking while accepting new challenges with ease.

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• The कलाकसरत in the box encourages children to think independently. UnBox is about ‘learning’ rather than ‘teaching’.
• कलाकसरत is not an artwork but a space where kids feel free to express themselves.
• UnBox contains customized material, worksheets and all the stationery needed.
• The associated UnBox App delivers audio instructions of कलाकसरत for kids. Instructions do not guide; but suggest what can be done. Parents are expected not to interpret instructions but to trust their kid&s understanding and decision-making.
• Parents are supposed to upload photo/video of kids’ creation, using UnBox App. Upon upload, UnBox provides Learning Outcome of the कलाकसरत for parents. The learning
outcome provides an insight into various developmental attributes touched by the कलाकसरत.
Useful links:
Website: https://www.getunbox.in/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@unboxbysoc
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unboxbysoc/

For more information about unBox and its contents, use etc, please contact on 9823051475, 9823231475

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